Letter of Introduction

Dear Sir,

We are a small company located in Quincy, MA that has developed a patent pending innovation called a Display Sheet. We believe in time this will come to be used commonly in many widely dispersed areas such as the tool industry, sports, food packaging, camping, cosmetics, toys, luggage and the armed forces to name a few.

The Display sheet works best anytime there are numerous, different items that need to be found in a container. The concept is that these stored items are rearranged on a two-dimensional plane which is called the Display Sheet. Once this rearrangement occurs, all items will be visible for selecting and not hidden behind each other such as occurs in a three-dimensional container.

I have provided videos of a number of various prototypes using a Display Sheet that are targeted toward the tool and storage industry. I am aware that major inventions or great designs usually result from people directly involved in their field of expertise. I am at a disadvantage in this regard, however, I have just taken the first step in contacting some experts in the field, your company. I hope you will seriously consider using your expertise to exploit the commercial aspects of the Display Sheet as the results might benefit all.

I am approaching this not believing that I have submitted to you complete products but more in a manner of a partnership to expose your design team to the Display Sheet concept. I am hoping  to stimulate thought around this idea with the result being products designed by industry experts that use a Display Sheet.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or comments. Thank you for your time in reviewing this product submission.


David Gallagher
78B Sagamore Street
Quincy, MA 02171

Email: David@DisplayCorp.US
Phone: 617.328.7888
Web: http://displaycorp.us

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